brief von meinen eltern an die gasteltern

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brief von meinen eltern an die gasteltern

Beitragvon jenny87 » 02.11.2003, 15:02

hilfe ich muss die unterlagfen wegschicken, aba meine eltern haben keine ahnung was sie in den brief an die gasteltern schreiben sollen. bitte helft mir

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Beitragvon Draggy » 02.11.2003, 15:06

Dann tritt ihnen mal kräftig in den Ar***, damit sie sich schnell was einfallen lassen. Nein, mal im Ernst, was deine Eltern schreiben ist doch nicht sooooo wichtig (zumindest nicht so wichtig wie dass deine Unterlagen pünktlich wegkommen). Du kannst sie ja ein bisschen mit ein paar Ideen unterstützen. Da wird euch doch bestimmt was einfallen?!
LG, Draggy
Ich habe meine Family!!!
Der Schwache kann nicht verzeihen, verzeihen ist eine Eigenschaft der Starken.
Gehe deinen Weg, auch wenn du manchmal Angst davor hast.
Der Weg ist das Ziel!!!

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Beitragvon Desi » 02.11.2003, 15:19

zur Hilfestellung: auf der Seite von Alex_baby (siehe thread für die Websites) steht der Brief und auf dieser Website:
"Du bist vielleicht enttäuscht,
wenn du scheiterst,
aber du bist verloren,
wenn du es nicht versuchst."
(Beverly Sills)


Beitragvon Anna-Maria » 02.11.2003, 16:39

Der Brief von Kirsten (Jessy´s Mom) an die Hostfamiliy:

Dear host family,
first of all we would like to thank you very much that you are going to host our daughter Jessica in your house and that she will be able to share your family-life for ten months with you. We appreciate this and we hope that there will be a good understanding between you and Jessica. Now I will tell you something about our family:
My husband ... was born in ... and is ... years old. He works as a ... in ... . My name is ... . I was born on the ... in ... . I am at home but sometimes I work in an office or help in our primary school to teach the children what is possible to do with computers and the Internet. We have four children.
Jessica and her twin brother Tim are the oldest children in our family. They were born on the 05-19-1987 in ... and they´re 15 years old. Jessica will visit the 10th class of the secondary school after her summer vacation. Tim will be in the 9th class of the extended elementary school. Their younger sister Sabrina was born on the 08-18-1992 in ... and will become 10 years old soon. She will visit the 5th class of the secondary school after the summer break. Their little sister Jennifer was born on the 08-02-1996 in ... and will become 6 years old soon. Jennifer starts her 1st year at a primary school after the summer break. Most of the time Jessica has a good relationship to her siblings with all up´s and downs like every family. Moreover her grandmother (my mother) lives in our little village too, and ... parents and the rest of his family lives in a little village beside our little village. We have animals too: a dog, a cat and three horses.
Now I will tell you something about Jessica:
Jessica is a independent, uncomplicated, obliging and responsible teenager, who easily gets into contact with other people. She has no problem to find friends or to integrate in a new group. The pupils and the teachers in her school like her very much, because she is a very humorous person, and always ready to help with all kind of problems. Sometimes she is very quiet at school. Jessica has not been pampered and she is used to help at home. She lay and clear the table, fill and empty the dishwasher or the washing machine, use the vacuum cleaner or she tidies up the kitchen and her own room. Sometimes she helps her sisters to tidy up their rooms. She spends a lot of time in her room and does her homework for school all by herself. Jessica works independent and most of the time with good results. Sometimes she does babysitting for other families in the evening, when they go out. Twice a week, Jessica joins her dancing group and she and some other members of the group coach the little girls in dancing. Sometimes they have a dancing show. Jessica has a job now on which she works two days per week. She is going to save the money she earns, and also her pocket money to pay her exchange year. It is very important for her and her future, to go to America for one year.Whenever she´s got the time, she spends it riding on her own horse or helps her sisters to ride. One of our rules at home is that we always want to know where Jessica is and which kind of people she meets and that she has to be home in time. Moreover she never takes alcoholic drinks on parties or when she is going to a disco sometimes. She did never smoke. She respects all our arrangements and if she is disagreeing, we work together on a solution. So we can rely upon Jessica without any limits. If we would had doubts in any way, we never would have allowed her this adventure. We are very glad to have found you as the family who is willing to help Jessica find her way in the USA, to discover this wonderful country and to get to know its people. We are sure that Jessica will do her best to be a good member of your family and not to be a burden on you, so that her stay will be a benefit and a great experience for both. We are happy that we found you as the family that accepts Jessica as a member of your family and we are convinced that she feels fine and be taken well cared.
By the way, we´re hosting a Girl from the US at the moment who is going to stay a whole year at our house.
Best wishes
Yours sincerely

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