In diesem Forum kannst Du in einer Fremdsprache schreiben und so die Sprache Deines Austauschlandes kennenlernen oder drinbleiben ;)
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Beitragvon secca » 30.10.2004, 15:23


Do you have the feeling that your english is getting bad again?
I just talked to my hostfamily last night and jeez....my english is so bad and in school I don't really get the chance to talk english for a while just a few sentences...
Do you have the same "problem"?

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Beitragvon antiintelligent » 30.10.2004, 15:27

I think we should open just one topic for English because otherwise it really would get too much...may we post here, too? Although we`re no returnees? ;) That would be great. :)

Yay, thank you, Stefan!!! :jumper: :up2:

Because I`m definitely not creative enough on a rainy Saturday afternoon, I`d say we`re going to start this here by saying how long we have been taking English lessons this far and how much we hate our English teachers ;). It seems to me that there are no good English teachers in Germany, really.

I`m learning English for three years now. My first foreign language is Latin and I`ve never been to an English- speaking country (this expression is kinda silly because no country speaks English, eh? :roll: whatever).

I really love English, it`s the best language in this world (well, Chinese isn`t bad either ;)) and my fav accent is Scottish English :wolke7: :loveyou:. The only bad thing about the language is my teacher :evil: :totenkopf:. He`s disgusting and he speaks worse English than I do. We didn`t learn one vocabulary since he teaches in our class. He wanted to read "The Wave" with us. It`s a good book, yeah. But not with that teacher. We read max. 2 sites per lesson. If somebody asks for a vocabulary, Mr Strange (his name is Herr Wunderlich but he wants us to call him Mr. Strange *awww* :roll:) gets angry and screams "you should now that". No explanation, we just go on reading. I can understand that he doesn`t write vocabulary tests with us because...man, we are in the 10th grade, we don`t need to be motivated anymore! :roll:

One nice example of his great personality :evil:: I needed my teacher recommendation for STS one day before the holidays started. He didn`t even have to write something, he just should make 3 crosses: Speaking English, writing English and...something else ;). Good, very good or poor. I asked him if he could do that next break. He was so angry with me that I was afraid I`d get a worse mark on my next report! He said it was unbelievable, he needed more time. :goebel: THREE CROSSES!! :evil: Okay, he managed to do it before the holidays started but I had to go to school in the afternoon again to fetch it because he wasn`t able to do it in one break (15 minutes). I forgot to mention that he had told us our marks two days ago so he really knew how I was in English!

What about you? Do you like Englisch? (Do you like your teacher :mrgreen:?) Why did you decide to go to an English- speaking (:evil: :D) country?

To all returnees: If you want to speak and write English more, visit http://www.mailfriends.com! You can make friendships all over the world- I really love this site!! :up:

Take care, Anja

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Beitragvon Kääpiö » 30.10.2004, 16:08

Even though Finland's not an english-speaking country at all, I love writing and talking in English :wink:

Well, to talk about my english teacher: I don't really like him, he usually wears tight clothes :goebel: , he often doesnt know the words someone asks him to translate and he makes alot of mistakes (e.g.: one exercise of our last classtest was "What does Jesminder likes..." :mrgreen: )...
btw, its my *counting* 6th year in english now.
But the best thing ever is being part of the group that talks with our native speaker from great britain. This woman is so...kinda embarassing, strange looking, quiet talking and stupid. *lol* when she crosses our playground (i associate something totally different with this word) she always covers her ears "because german pupils are soooooooo loud" :mrgreen: and when she asks us something we usually just dont understand her (because she's so quiet all the time) and when we tell her to "SPEAK UP PLEASE" she always gets totally confused. She's anything but suited for that job.
Last time we were a bit crazy and started a "Gesprächsrunde" about weight problems.... you should've seen her face - too great.
A girl of my class called a girl of "Bend it like Beckham" bitch... she (actually nobody knows her name coz nobody understood it, i guess rebecca or something :wink: ) was shocked and whispered something like "how do you know an expression like THAT????" ...
i could continue that but i'd never end, so i better stop that.
Nuuskamuikkunen istuutui maahan pää käpäliensä välissä ja valitti: - Kaunis meri! Poissa! Hävinnyt! Ei enää purjehduksia, ei uimisia, ei suuria haukia! Ei valtavia myrskyjä, ei hohtavia jäitä, ei öisiä kirkkaita vesiä, joihin tähdet kuvastuivat... Ja hän painoi päänsä polviaan vasten eikä tahtonut enää katsoa ylös. <3


Beitragvon Elli! » 30.10.2004, 18:19

Secca, I totally know what you mean and i guess that it's really scary....English is quite boring at school cuz we're 22 people in our class so it's nearly impossible to speak much and often....and my teacher also sucks...he's been a teacher for just 2 years now and we are his first "LK" so he doesn't really know what he can do with us...jeeez....and his English sounds so interesting...anyway....it is always a dream to hear the Canadaian accent again when i talk to my hostparents but it's just a bad feeling when you realize how good your english used to be and how "worse" it is now!


Beitragvon Illiana » 30.10.2004, 19:43

well, we started english in 8th class only because we first had to learn french. i haven't had any english lesson since june so i now have some difficulties... i've already forgotten so much...
we didn't learn much at vocational school. our english teacher was very nice but a bit boring. he was from bern so he speaked very slowly :wink:
but i hope that he will help me with all my forms for the exchange year and also with the student letter...


Beitragvon bajaana » 30.10.2004, 21:00

wow, you're all so good in english.
okay, it haven't english so long like you.
It's my.. 4th year.
In the first and the second year, we had a teacher from the usa. he was great. okay, we didn't learn a lot of grammar, but we talked so much.
now we have a swiss teacher. I hate his accent. But we learn grammar and talk about everything and yeah, he is okay =)

i like english, but I don't love it.
I like exotic languages like arabish or languages like that.
but the I think, the most wonderfull language is italian =)

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Beitragvon jules » 30.10.2004, 22:18

hey guys..
it is such a great idea to write in english here, because we all want to live for one year in another country, but we talk in german all the time.. :wink:
i am very happy with my current english teacher, we discuss all the time in english!! what is a bit nerv-recking is that he does not understand any german word..when you want to talk with him in the break about anything else than school he "understands chinese.." :clown:
so funny..anyway..at my school is now a new club called "debating society" where we will learn how to discuss, argument and "fight" :mrgreen: and we will have tournaments in germany with other schools..there are some pupils from the 12th grade who were in GB last year..their accent is so great!!! i LOVE the british english!!
that is all for now..bye..julia.
jetz sind wa also wieder da...



Beitragvon Elli! » 30.10.2004, 22:32

Actually English was my third foreign language cuz I started with Latin, then I got French and then ENglish...so...it doesn't matter how long you learn a language...the new exchange student in my hostfamily has learned English for 6 years and honestly, her English is not the best.....it doesn't really matter when you're abroad.
In also got a new exchange students in my English LK and she doesn't know any German...and cuz she's from hongkong it's even a bit more difficult to talk to her cuz her English accent is quite strong....though she's really nice and her accent reminds me of a good exchange friend in Canada....memories.... :roll:


Beitragvon Illiana » 31.10.2004, 00:22

@ tschuuulia :mrgreen:

it can also be an advantage to have a teacher who doesn't know any german: you can talk about him whenever you want :mrgreen:
our french teacher last year was a woman who knew german and french perfectly and we first thought that she didn't know any german... and nobody liked her. so i think you can imagine what happened :wink:

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Re: @ all englishspeaking returnees

Beitragvon Hi no Tori » 31.10.2004, 11:19

Ah, an English thread! *laughs*

Even though I haven't been to an English-speaking country ("English speaking country"...boy, that sounds weird. Must dito Anti on that one.) for an extended span of time, I love writing / speaking English. Even though my English kinda sucks. *grins* And school English doesn't help, even though I have a teacher who holds class almost exclusively in English. Therefore, I'll probably drop by here once in a while... if no-one minds, that is.

So... I reckon this Thread will have reached its tenth page by the end of next week, but have fun, enjoy, worship Stefan for opening this section and be nice. *laughs*

Ja ne~
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Beitragvon canadian » 31.10.2004, 11:27

well, I've been learnin English since grade 5.... I've always liked that class, even thou I had some pretty poor teachers. The one I got right now (12/13) is just ridiculous... this guy can't even pronounce a 'th'. It's actually funny to listen to him, but I think it's quite bad someone like him could become a teacher...
Anyway, I've experienced pretty much the same thing as secca did. Just not speaking English every day worsens it so much... But as it's impossible to stop that anyway, I'm not too concerned about that. Getting back to Canada next time will improve it quickly...
So talk to you guys later,
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Beitragvon Kate » 31.10.2004, 18:08

I talked to my hostmum last night and I was like OMG i forgot all my english, but she said it is even better now! she said she thought i might get back my german accent :o but she said I still sound like I did before 8) i just loved talking to her after almost 3 months and it's great to know that they still understand me 8)
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Beitragvon Cathy » 31.10.2004, 20:17

It's great to have an english thread. I really have to get on talking english a my english is getting worse and worse.
The last weeks of the recent year in school have been terrible. I had such a boring teacher. We spoke german all over the time. Once I have been so angry that I answered in English, when he asked a question in German and because of that I got a worse mark. Hello!?!
Every lesson we had to translate German Sentences into English (sentences like: The pilot loves the stewardess and that's why they marry etc.). I also had him in year 8 and 9. I already hated him, but I never knew how terrible his english is, until I came back from England.
The english teacher we have at the moment is great. We speak english all over the time and it is just so nice to listen to an english teacher with a british accent :love2: But unfortunately we are 30 pupils in class, so that we can't talk that much during one lesson.
I didn't talk to my host family since I came back from England as I didn't like my family, but I try to write as many letters as possible to my friends.
I am shocked when I read my own text, because the text sounds so terrible. I really have to go back to England to improve my english again.
Well, I just booked the tickets for my flight to England for the next summer holidays. England, I will come!! :)
<-- ab dem 29.08.2003 in England (Plymouth)

(Mittlerweile schon Returnee)

Vom 14.07-22.07.2005 wieder in Plymouth :-)

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Beitragvon secca » 31.10.2004, 20:38

When I came back home from my exchange year I talked to my hostfamily I think it was three weeks afert I left them and tehy were like "jeez you got your german accent again" :o :heul5: That was like someone would stick a knife into my chest...And now over 3 years after my exchange year my english is sooo bad, I recognize it every time I talk to my hostfamily...jeez....that's why I really have to go back next year....yeah, I am also going back because I want to see my family again :jumper: I just miss them so much :cry:
Well before I'm writing more crab I'll stop here :mrgreen:

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Beitragvon ~der*jan~ » 01.11.2004, 01:23

what a fantabulous threat, thanks @secca or whoever opened it.

i've been learning english since 5th grade and frankly, i completely hated it at first... my teacher was simply a piece of cr** and had apparently never been told that. i felt sort of sorry for her, but that's life i guess. however, my teacher in high school (or gymnasium, anyway) was just a wonderful and great person in every single respect. she originally came from london and therefore had this lovely british accent which i must have adopted a bit since a whole bunch of people here thougt that i was from britain. how ridiculous, isn't it? i'm pretty sure that my accent (however it may sound...) is still kinda heavy, but i'm making process i hope. to sum up, english is just an awesome language!! i feel extremely blessed and lucky that i was given the opportunity to enhance my language abilities here in america and i'm looking forward to the next 8 months!

keep rockin' guys, way to go!

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