fboys4lifes Daily blog?

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fboys4lifes Daily blog?

Beitragvon fboys4life » 24.01.2008, 04:12

Alright , hab mir gedacht ich fang mal an zu bloggen , ein wenig , weil ich grad 30 minuten nix zu tun habe =] hooray!
My name's Manuel , I'm 16 years old , I am currently attending Evergreen Valley High School In San Jose (which is like 1 hour away from Frisco) , California. I'm a sophomore. The most interesting fact about the school probably is that 90 % of it's students are vietnamese , filipino , chinese and japanese. I effin love it! It's amazing , 'cause you actually get to know more than just the American culture. I've been here since August 23rd and I'm going to leave sometime in June. This week is final exams week , it's hella stressful. Anyway , I think I should get started with my little blog , about my life over here. Enjoy.

give me my sunshine baby!

What a picture perfect day! Monday finals were a breeze. I hope things were good with the rest of you guys. I got out at 10:15, pranced around at my hostfamily's house at the fact that I wasn't at school at 10:30. I had a quite interesting talk about girls with my hostmother , I never would've thought that I could speak about something like that with her, and then I walked to Java Junction (it's like a little coffee shop chain , very nice!) to meet Thao for some good ol' "studying" by 11:15. Java Junction workers are always fun people (except the asian guy that just started working that always smokes ciggs and talks on his phone and is incredibly SLOW). I once held a pretty intellectual conversation with two workers about the one and only Harry Potter. Haha, oh yes. We were chitchatting about the books while they were putting together my tuna sandwich on a garlic bagel. I love how I've gotten so much more social and outgoing through the years , especially my exchange year changed me completely , I am way more confident now. Two years ago, I would have never stopped to ask anyone about the weather. Now I'm talking about Harry Pothead to cafe workers? Very nice. I love growing up and the confidence it brings.

So anyway, the Farmer's Market was up today in Evergreen , a neighbourhood of San Jose , it's brandnew and a lot of rich , Asian families live up there! Thao and I bought a basket of strawberries and a loaf of this weird bread with cheese and tomatoes on it. Both were quite satisfying. The studying lasted for about an hour and then we went on an endless break where we gossiped about life's recent occurrences and then went on about how much we want summer to bless us with sunshine and warmth.I also have decided to finally hold to my goals of learning how to longboard! Thao and I are both going to get on boards by this summer! I'm excited! If you or anyone you know knows how to longboard and explain to me how it works, let me know! Otherwise I'm just going to buy one and hope I love it. School today was kind of chill. Getting out at 10.15 after 2nd Period speaks for itself. I freaking love my school. EVHS COUGARS for life! Since I'm a yearbook editor I watched the Varsity Basketball game against Silvercreek. Brione and Beej both scored more than 50 points. It was astonishing. I never really liked Basketball , but since Beej and Brione forced me to watch their game , I kinda got to like it. I Hope our winning spree will continue til the end of the season , which is sometime in March. My Hostfamily is still kind of mad at me for having had a girlfriend over a long time period without even telling them , but that's a different story. Tonight I'm goin to that amazing Chinese restaurant at the Oakridge mall ,it's my French hostbrother's 17th birthday and we're having a little get-together with lots of food and goof.

Oversized Stunnashades =]
Girls in bikinis
learning how to longboard
the beach
summer vacations

I fucking want summer to grasp my soul already, damn.

I need to study for francais now. Good night all you beautiful people!

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Re: fboys4lifes Daily blog?

Beitragvon MAxiii_91 » 10.02.2008, 23:21

fehlen ja ein paar tage^^

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Re: fboys4lifes Daily blog?

Beitragvon lala^ » 15.02.2008, 15:15

Wo sind die anderen Beitraege? Du kannst ja mal fuer ne Woche am Stueck schreiben und dann sehen, was die Leute davon halte. Ich weiss, du hast "Kritik" kassiert fuer diesen daily blog und ich gehoer auch nicht unbedingt zu den Leuten, die sich das jeden Tag durchlesen werden, aber du kannsts ja mal versuchen und dann sehen, was fuer ne Antwort du bekommst.
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